For better paragliding

"Life is fantastic and

it will only get better"

Especially if you do paragliding


Last year was very good with a permanent base in Bassano and frequent activities in other locations. Unfortunately, are we forced to reduce the services and put almost all business activities on hold.

Roberto is still based in Bassano running parts off the business and Håkan comes by regularly. Meanwhile business is kept to a basic are we developing our network and planning for future businesses.

We thank our clients for choosing us and wish them welcome back when we have re-start the business. The website will be up although not presenting our services and when business re-start will website reflect this.

If time admits are we happy to give advise or some support.

For contact and updates visit our Facebook 

For better paragliding, and to maximize the joy of free flight and minimize the risks, come fly with experienced professional guides.


We are here to help you reach your flying potential. Flying is about having fun and enjoying great flights, together with nice people.

We do the coaching around your level of flying, individual goals in a balance with challenges.


Together we build a structure that result in a safe experience developing your skills and making your confidence grow.


At our trips we have a good balance between groups size and guiding.

We provide transport service with shuttle to the best take off and retrieves when we go exploring.


Choose your package or ask us how we can make a tailored experience for you and your friends and family.

Fly tandem with your guide and improve your skills. Or let your family and friends enjoy a flight.


For Italy, Slovenia and Austria is it easy to bring wife, husband, partner or family with you. Here they find plenty of nice options for other activities.

Specialised flying experiences

We do tailored experiences for individuals and groups.


We can use our network to create specialised arrangements such as for eaxmple safari with multiple locations and variation in durations.



If you have an idea, just ask us! 

Individual or small group arrangements


Any pilot who like to have an individual experience or maybe a family seeking to combine flying with other experiences.


We have noticed a interest in a couple of friends who like to bring their partner, wife or husband and children with them and have a combination of flying, outdoor, city, culture and gastronomical vacation.


For this we are happy to create something special.

Club arrangements - partner up with us

Some clubs are large, some are small, some have the capacity to operate outside the home base, some not.


We have can provide the support and be the provider of different levels of service in a cooperation with your club.


Such cooperation could include some of the services and trips we already offering or the creation of something new.

If you feel a tailored guiding could be your next paragliding experience, please send us a message so we can make it happen.

Almost all is about flying, but not all good in life is found in the sky

We all know there are days when weather turns against us or as a pilot you like to experience more of what the area can offer. We like the outdoor and the next best view of the nature is found when in it.


To have more to offer is part of our concept in Italy, Slovenia and Austria and our aim to create a higher level of service and quality. We use our network to give you the opportunity to book other experiences when at our sites.


Rafting, kayaking, MTB, climbing, riding and fishing is easily within reach. To that we add good food and wine, hospitality and friendly service, beautiful scenery and when the wings of history passed over the site we sure like to share it with you.

Family and friends

When we say "to have more to offer is part of our concept..." we have your family and friends in our thoughts. We hope that this will give you the opportunity to bring family and friends with you to our sites.


With our sites will you, as well as a non-flying participant, be able to combine flying with other interesting activities. Why not add SPA and trips to nearby cities such as Venice, Ljubljana, Salzburg and Munich to your guiding experience.